We make sure to maintain in perfect conditions, and on time, each step of the supply chain from origin to destination, something vital for companies of massive consumption.
and spare parts
Since we know of the high competition in this industry, we look for ways in which the resources can be managed efficiently. At Norgistics we ensure an efficient service, through the planning and analysis of all your needs.
and pharmaceuticals
Medicine is a delicate and high value sector. We seek to provide these clients with a personalized service that adapts to their industry, which develops new and innovative technologies on a constant basis.
and refrigerated products
We deliver a service of excellence in all our exports of fresh fruit because we know how delicate and valuable the product is.
The technology industry requires a fast service that ensures the valuable cargos that are transported. Because of this, we take care to offer a safe, high quality and reliable service.
forestry and energy
The logistics of the industrial and mining sector presents a great challenge due to its complexity and large sizes of machinery. As a logistics partner, we understand these magnitudes and create tailor-made solutions.